Chef Travis W. Smith retired from the Army with 20 years and 25 days of service on November 30th, 2009. His last
assignment was Command Food Advisor, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, KS. He recently accepted a position as the Chef
Director of Francis Tuttle Technology Center's Culinary program in Oklahoma City, OK. Additionally, he is a partner-owner
of CuisineSmith LLC, a new restaurant and catering company also in Oklahoma City.  

He began his Army career as a participant in Civilian Acquired Skills Program at the rank of Private, First Class on
November 6th, 1989, upon completion of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) Apprenticeship Program in Denver, Co.
and attended Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.  The Army waved the requirement for Smith to attend Advanced
Individual Training for his Military Occupational Specialty as a cook because of his civilian culinary training and solid
background in cookery.  

Smith was assigned to the 6th Ordinance Battalion in South Korea as a cook from 1990 to 1992 where he worked at Camp
Ames Dining Facility in support of approximately 100 Soldiers. He won the first place trophy and was recognized for having
the best culinary exhibit at the annual culinary arts competition in Seoul Korea in 1991.  He represented the US Army in
Korea at a culinary workshop in Fort Lee, VA in 1991 and was selected as a member of the prestigious United States Army
Culinary Arts Team, (USACAT).  He competed with the USACAT that year in the National Restaurant Association Culinary
Arts Competition in Chicago, IL.  He was later sent to the US Army Pacific Culinary Competition with two other Soldiers from
Korea where the team finished third overall and he won top honors and received a plaque for having the best exhibit in the
competition.  He was promoted ahead of his peers and won the Battalion Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) of the Quarter
Award as a Corporal in 1992 while at Camp Ames.  He attended the Army’s Primary Leadership Development Course at
Camp Jackson, Korea in 1991.    

He trained with the USACAT at Fort Lee, VA and competed in the 1992 Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt, Germany where he
won a silver medal on the USACAT regional team under the ACF National Team Umbrella.  He was promoted to the rank of
Sergeant while still serving in the 6th Ordinance Battalion.  Smith was reassigned to the 125th Signal Battalion at Helemano
Military Reservation, Oahu, Hawaii in January 1993 where he served as a Food Operations Sergeant and shift leader in
support of 300 personnel in both field and garrison. Smith served as a trainer for the Army’s Hawaii culinary team at
Schofield Barracks from 1993 to 1995 where they won the Army Culinary Competition two out of three years and he won the
United States Army Chef of the Year Competition in a cook-off in 1995.  He was reassigned to the 25th Infantry Division,
Schofield Barracks, Hi as the Commanding General’s Food Operations Sergeant in charge of food service operations for
25th Infantry Division, Main where he and his team prepared meals for 400 – 500 Soldiers in the field.  

He was promoted and served as a Staff Sergeant for two years when he was selected to attend the Warrant Officer
Candidate Course at Fort Rucker, AL.  He graduated in the top 10% of his class and was appointed as a Warrant Officer on
April 10th, 1996.  He finished the Food Service Technician Warrant Officer Basic Course as the Distinguished Honor
Graduate for his field in August 1996 and was assigned to the 10th Mountain Division, Artillery at Fort Drum, NY.  As the
Division Artillery (DIVARTY) Food Service Technician, Smith planned and implemented the transition to A La Carte style
feeding and oversaw the complete renovation of the dining facility dining room and service areas.  He helped his food
service team implement Food Service 2000, an experimental food service automation system as well as the transition to
purchasing food rations utilizing the Prime Vendor program.  He implemented incentive programs for culinarian of the
quarter and field food service equipment maintenance.  Smith was selected as the Team Captain for the USACAT B-Team in
1996 and they won an Olympic Gold Medal in the field cooking category in Berlin, Germany.  He received the Humanitarian
Service Medal for his support during Ice Storm 98 where millions of civilians lost electricity and heat for several weeks.  His
food service teams were deployed to feed cold and hungry civilians throughout the 1000 islands region in upstate NY.  
Smith was commissioned at the rank of Chief Warrant Officer Two in April 1998.  He was instrumental in the success of the
2/15 Field Artillery Battalion winning runner-up in the Department of the Army level Philip A. Connelly Award for food service
excellence in 1999.  As the Team Captain for the Fort Drum Culinary Arts team, Smith led the charge as they won first place
at the Army Culinary Competition in 1999.  

He was selected as the Team Captain for USACAT once again in 2000 when he took over as the Chief of the Craft Skills
Training Branch at the Quartermaster Center and School, Fort Lee, VA.  As the Team Manager and Captain, he and his
team of advisors led the USACAT to the Culinary Olympic Championship over 14 national military teams from around the
world in 2000 and the second place finish at the 2002 Culinary World Cup. While at Fort Lee, he revised the annual culinary
competition to include the Baron H. Galand culinary knowledge bowl, live cooking competition in public view, and the
nutritional hot food challenge, emphasizing practical cooking event formats to foster the growth of cooking skills throughout
the Army.  He served on the World Association of Chef’s Societies (WACS) Culinary Guidelines Committee where he
authored the military guidelines for WACS sanctioned international culinary competition.  He served as the Army Culinary
Competition show chairman and the President of the ACF Old Dominion Chapter from July, 2000 – August 2003.  Smith
designed the Army’s Culinary Patch and Logo that promotes professionalism, teamwork, skill development, and commitment
in coordination with New Chef Fashion that is still being used today.  Chief Smith competed against chefs across the nation
and won the ACF Soup and Sauce Championship in a cook off at the Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel in 2002.  He completed
the Army Instructor Training Course while at Fort Lee and taught the Quartermaster Warrant Officer Basic and Advanced
Courses and well as the Officer Basic Course and the Combined Logistics Officer’s Course to Lieutenants and Captains.
Smith was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer Three by the Quartermaster General in April, 2003.  He completed the Warrant
Officer Advanced Course in December, 2003 and received the Research and Development Award for his work on ACF
Certification and On the Job Training programs for cooks in the US Army.        

He was reassigned to Korea where he served as the Command Food Service Technician for the 19th Theater Support
Command, (TSC).  Smith oversaw food service operations for brigade sized units in the command during the transformation
from a TSC to an ESC, Sustainment Command, Expeditionary.  While assigned to Korea, Smith planned and organized
training and certification programs between the Woosong Culinary Academy, the ACF, and the U.S. Army, resulting in
commercial certification for cooks throughout the peninsula; a culinary exchange program with the Daegu Health College
where he personally taught western cuisines to Korean students in exchange for Korean cooking instruction for Soldiers and
western food enthusiasts throughout Korea; trained and coached teams in Army field site set up and field cooking resulting
in them winning the Eighth Army Philip A. Connelly competition four years in a row and winning the Department of the Army
level competition runner-up in 2005, and 2006, and winner of the All-Army level event in 2007.  He also trained and
managed the US Army Korea Culinary Team to win the All Army culinary competition two consecutive years in 2005 and
2006 and the Student Skills Culinary Team to win first place back to back in 2006 and 2007.  Teams and team members
under his leadership were recognized for winning trophy’s for the Culinary Knowledge Bowl twice consecutively in 2005 and
2006, the best in their categories in hot platter cookery display, cold food platters, hors d’ oeuvres, and gardemanger, as
well as receiving the judges Special Artistic Achievement Award three years consecutively for the overall buffet display. He
personally won the National Distinguished Military Chef of the Year in 2005 and was recognized by as the
Military Chef of the Month in Dec 2007.  He implemented the Korean Food Awareness Program throughout the command to
emphasize the importance of Korean menu items for Korean Augmentees to the US Army, (KATUSA) Soldiers.  He
completed the Food Service Contracting Officer Representative’s Course in 2007.  He provided command level staff
supervision and direction for the complete renovation of the Camp Walker dining facility and the purchase of over $2M in
new décor and kitchen equipment for six dining facilities.  He and other key leaders in the command implemented a Food
Service Leadership and Management Board where systems are reviewed and continuously improved to impact the quality of
life and food service for Soldiers while effectively managing and controlling efficiencies in resource competition and
utilization.  He provided American-style cooking demonstrations to over 3000 Koreans at the Daegu Food Expo in 2007 at
the request of prominent university leaders.  The higher headquarters, Eighth Army, recognized the 19th ESC food program
under Smith’s supervision and leadership with a commendable rating during the command inspection program, highlighting
dining facility operations, maintenance on field feeding equipment, internal evaluations, and well-written quarterly action
plans designed for continued improvement of the command’s food program.  He participated as an American host for the
Korean-American Friendship Circle to improve relationships between cultures for three semesters. He tutored Korean
college students in English writing for two years as a volunteer.  The Army promoted him to Chief Warrant Officer Four in
March 2007 with 17 years, five months of service.

Chief Smith was reassigned to the 1st Infantry Division in April 2008 where he currently serves as the Command Food
Service Technician and Senior Command Food Advisor.  He has executive level oversight responsibility for six dining facility
operations, three combat brigade, one sustainment brigade, and separate battalion level unit food service operations. He
served as the Inspector General’s chief inspector for food service field feeding equipment and meal card management
systems throughout the command; served as the end user subject matter expert for construction of new dining facilities;
provided guidance to dining facility managers and other personnel involved in the food program; planed and implemented
new food service and culinary training initiatives designed to impact the quality of life for soldiers; served as the command’s
culinary team advisor and coach as well as chief of training for culinary arts on the installation.    

His articles have been published in many magazines, professional bulletins, and newspapers.  He wrote and produced
videos on culinary arts including a tribute to Lieutenant General John D. McLaughlin for his contributions to the culinary
profession in the Army and the Annual Army Culinary Arts Competition.  He has led culinary teams from Hawaii, Fort Drum,
NY, and Korea to win first place in the Army’s Annual Culinary Competition five times.  He is a Certified Instructor with the U.
S. Army, and an ACF Certified Executive Chef.   He was the first active duty Soldier ever certified as an ACF-approved
Culinary Judge; the first to be certified by the ACF as a Culinary Administrator; the first to complete Certification at Pro Chef
level II and level III with the Culinary Institute of America; and the first to be inducted as a Fellow of the honor society known
as the American Academy of Chefs with the ACF.  He is the only Approved Certified Master Chef Candidate serving on
active duty.  During his time in the Army, he has served as a culinary and food service ambassador, competing in over 40
culinary arts competitions in the United States, England, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, and the Republic of Korea,
and judging over 20 culinary competitions at colleges and venues throughout the United States, and the Republic of Korea
to include the Seoul International Culinary Competition in 2006 and 2007, which was sanctioned by the World Association of
Chefs Societies.  He has made guest appearances on many television news programs and network cooking segments to
include American Forces Network, the Television Food Network, Emeril Live, the NBC TODAY show, and the PBS “Cooking
For Gold” video about the 2000 Culinary Olympics.  He reads, writes, and speaks the Korean language semi-fluently and he
is active in the community.  He has over 24 years of experience in the food service and culinary field.  He holds an
Associates degree in occupational studies with Honolulu Community College and a Bachelors degree in Business
Administration with an emphasis in Hospitality Management from Sullivan University, Louisville, KY.  He attended the Culinary
Institute of America, at Hyde Park, NY and Napa, CA, where he completed the Pro-Chef Certification levels II & III, and
became certified in techniques of healthy cooking, gardemanger, cuisines of Latin America, Asia, the Mediterranean,
Europe, and The United States, as well as baking and pastry, wine knowledge and food pairing, personnel and financial
management. He also completed the Certified Master Chef Workshop, and the American Dietetic Association and Food and
Culinary Professional Symposium on healthy cooking.  His military awards include the Air-Assault Badge; The Meritorious
Service Medal (five awards); The Army Commendation Award, (six awards); The Army Achievement Medal, (5 awards); The
Good Conduct Medal with two bronze knots; The National Defense Service Ribbon with a bronze star; The War on Terrorism
Service Medal; The Korean Defense Service Medal; The Humanitarian Service Medal; The NCO Development Ribbon with
the number 2; The Army Service Ribbon; and The Overseas Service Ribbon with the number 4

He is a highly-skilled officer, coach, teacher, trainer, chef, and leader with exceptional ability to manage effective food
service and culinary programs with long lasting results.  His contributions to the United States Army’s food service and
culinary profession are deep and far reaching. He is married to the former Ms Un Sil Kim and has two daughters, Rachel and

- Advisor to United States Army Culinary Arts Team
- Culinary Certification Coordinator for 8th US Army, Korea
- Spokesman, United States Army Culinary Arts Program (2000-2004)
- Military Chair (2000-2004) - Culinary Committee – World Association of
Cooks Societies (WACS)
- United States Military Representative (2000-2004) – International Military   
Culinary Organization (IMCO)  
- Manager U.S. Army Culinary Arts Team (2000-2004)
- Approved Certified Culinary Judge – American Culinary Federation   
- President (2000-2002) ACF Old Dominion Chapter, Fort Lee VA
- Culinary Competition Chair (2001-2003) Army Culinary Competition
- Military Liaison (1993-1996) Honolulu Chefs De Cuisine, HI
- Military Liaison (1996-2000) 1000 Islands Region ACF Chapter, NY
- Apprentice Spokesman (1987-1989) Colorado Chefs De Cuisine, CO

American Culinary Federation 1987 – Present
American Academy of Chefs 2003 - Present
Les Toques Blanches, Korea 2004 - Present

2008  -  Nutritional Hot Food Challenge Champions – Team Korea, Trainer
- Best in Category A, Buffet Platters – Gold Medal, Team Korea, Trainer
- 1st Place Junior Chef of the Year - Gold Medal, Team Korea, Trainer
- 2nd Place, Installation Team of the Year, Team Korea, Trainer & Manager  
2007 - Gold Medallion at Seoul International Culinary Competition
- Student Team Culinary Champions (US Army), Team Trainer
- (Army) Best Buffet Display & Best Hors d’ oeuvres, Team Trainer
2006 - 1st Place Champion, Daegu Food Festival & Competition
- Army Culinary Champions, Team Trainer & Manager, Korea
- Student Team Culinary Champions (US Army), Team Trainer
- Culinary Knowledge Bowl Champions (US Army), Team Manager
- (Army) Best Buffet Display & Best Platter, Team Trainer
2005 - Gold, 2 Silver Medals Seoul International Culinary Competition
- Army Culinary Champions, Team Trainer & Manager,  Korea
- 1st Place, National U.S. Military Chef, Culinary Championship
- Culinary Knowledge Bowl Champions (US Army), Team Manager
- Best Buffet Display & Best Platter, Team Trainer
2003 - 2nd Place National chefs Championships, NY, NY
2002 - Gold & Silver, Luxembourg, 2d place in World Cup, Army Team Manager
- National Champion,  ACF Soup and Sauce Championships
2000 - Gold in Hot Food, Culinary Olympics, Erfurt, Germany - Team Captain
- Gold in Cold Food, Culinary Olympics, Erfurt, Germany - Team Captain
- Gold, World Champions, Military, Culinary Olympics, Erfurt, Germany
1999 - Gold, Army Culinary Champions, Team trainer & Captain Ft Drum, NY
1998 - Gold & Silver, Culinary World Cup, Luxembourg – Team Captain
1997 - Best in Show / Gold in Category K – Binghamton, NY
1996 - Gold, Culinary Olympics, Berlin, Germany, Army Team Captain
1995 - Gold, Army Chef of the Year
1995 - Gold, Army Culinary Champions, Team Trainer & Chef, Hawaii
1994 - Gold, Army Culinary Champions – Team Trainer & Chef, Hawaii
1992 - Silver, Culinary Olympics, Frankfurt, Germany, Regional Team Cold Food
1989 - ACF Apprentice of the Year Colorado Chefs Association

2005 - Pro Chef Level III, Certified Executive Chef, CIA / ACF
2004 - Certified Culinary Administrator
2000 - Certified Instructor, U.S. Army

CIVILIAN EDUCATION                
Sullivan University, Louisville, KY - Bachelor of Science, Hospitality and Tourism

Honolulu Community College, Honolulu, HI - Associate of Science in Occupational Studies

Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY and Napa, CA - Pro-Chef Certification level II & III (Certified in Healthy Cooking,
Gardemanger, Cuisines of Latin America, Asia, the Mediterranean, Europe, The United States, Baking and Pastry, Wine
Knowledge and Pairing, Personnel and Financial Management), Continuing Education in Techniques of Healthy Cooking,
Charcuterie, Side Dishes and Accompaniments, Certified Master Chef Workshop, American Dietetic Association and  Food
and Culinary Professional Symposium

American Culinary Federation Educational Institute - ACF Headquarters, Saint Augustine, FL - Certified Culinarian in
Occupational Studies, 11/05/89 Focus – Cookery, Pastry, Garde Manger, Food Service Management

Warren Occupational Technical Center, Lakewood, CO - Certificate of Completion, 06/06/85 - Focus – Cookery, Pastry,
Restaurant Service

Warrant Officer Advanced Course - Food Service, Fort Lee, VA
Graduation Diploma, Re-certification in Food Service Management 12/05/03
Focus - Executive Staff Level Supervision of Food Service Operations
Recipient of Research and Development Award  

Warrant Officer Basic Course for Food Service Technician, Fort Lee, VA
Graduation Diploma, Certificate in Food Service Management 06/28/96
Focus - Executive Staff Level Supervision of Food Service Operations
Distinguished Graduate for Academic Achievement

Warrant Officer Candidate School, Fort Rucker, AL
Warrant Officer Appointment – Food Service Technician, 04/10/96  
Focus - Leadership, Ethics, Communication, Risk Mgmt, Decision Making
Commandant’s List for Academic Achievement
Air Assault School, Schofield Barracks, HI
Diploma of Completion, 10/28/94
Focus – Aircraft Identification, Sling Loading Military Aircraft, Rappelling

Advanced Culinary Skills Training Course, Fort Lee, VA
Diploma of Completion, 08/28/92
Focus – Advanced Garde Manger, Pastry, Cookery, Menu Planning, Nutrition
Selected to Compete in the 1992 Culinary Olympics on the Army Team

Primary Leadership Development Course, Camp Jackson, South Korea
Diploma of Completion, 07/25/91
Focus – Leadership, Land Navigation, Map Reading, Survival Techniques

Meritorious Service Medal – 6 awards
Army Commendation Medal – 6 awards
Army Achievement Medal – 5 awards

Culinary Instructor - The Compleat Gourmet cooking gadget store and the University of Richmond, Richmond, VA
Freelance work.  Teach classes to adults in continuing education programs at The Compleat Gourmet cooking gadget store
and the University of Richmond.  Classes cover basic cooking to advanced techniques in hors d’ oeuvres, entrées,
vegetables, salads, garde manger, pastries, international, and regional American. Sculpt custom designed centerpieces in
ice as requested by caterers, wedding planners, and private customers. Design, bake and decorate wedding cakes as
requested by wedding planners and private customers. Fundraising cooking demonstrations benefiting the Richmond
Battered Women and Children’s Shelter, and Cystic Fibrosis.    

Executive Chef - Chester Plantation and Country Inn, Disputanta, VA
Opened the bed and breakfast fine dining restaurant. Developed the plan for opening the kitchen to serve dinner, brunch,
and special catering events.  Wrote menus for pre fixed eight course fine dining dinner service, lunch, buffets, banquets,
hors d oeuvres, weddings, and Sunday brunch.  Wrote the daily dinner special menus and worked the line.  Trained wait
staff on wine and fine dining service. Trained cooking staff on specialty desserts and signature dishes.      

Chef De Cuisine - Jacque Cartier, Riveredge Resort Hotel, Alexandria Bay, NY
Supervised a staff of three chefs in the preparation of upscale entrees in a AAA four diamond restaurant which catered to
seasonal tourist patrons. Wrote weekly chef special feature menus and worked the line. Trained personnel on presentation
techniques for all menu items.   

Pastry Chef Assistant (Part Time) - Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu, HI
Assisted in the production and plating of desserts for banquets ranging from 100 to 3000 servings.

Night Chef (Part Time Evenings) - Proud Peacock Restaurant, Waimea Falls, HI
Prepared a variety of fresh Hawaiian Seafood entrees on saute station and broiler for approximately 100 diners per evening.
Developed nightly dinner specials.

Sous Chef / Kitchen Supervisor - Radisson Hotel Denver, Denver, CO
Managed kitchen operations to include a-la-carte, room service, buffet service, and employee dining room for a 750-room
hotel. Ordered food rations and cleaning supplies. Supervised 9 employees in the preparation of approximately 100 dinner
meals per evening.  Wrote menus for Lunch Buffets, Seafood Buffets, and Sunday Brunch. Supervised production of buffets
for 300-400 customers on Friday evenings and Sunday Brunch.  Completed ACF Apprenticeship Training.

Line Cook / Banquet Cook - Sheraton Hotel Denver West, Lakewood, CO
Responsible for the preparation and production of breakfast, lunch and dinner for the hotel guests of a 300-room hotel at
approximately 75% occupancy rate. Prepared and presented Sunday Brunch and Friday Evening Seafood Buffets. Began
ACF Apprenticeship Training Program.

Head Dinner Cook / Kitchen Manager - McCarty’s Restaurant, Lakewood, CO
Main line cook for dinner meals in a restaurant serving broiled steaks and chicken, fresh fish, and
A variety of sauteed veal and pasta dishes. Ordered fresh produce and seafood. Prepared soup and sauces for daily
production.  Worked the window and organized the kitchen staff of three employees during busy periods.   


Apr/2008 to Present
Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Infantry Division, United States Forces Command, Fort Riley, KS 66442
Senior Command Food Service Technician and Food Advisor

Apr/2004 to Apr/2008
Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 19th Sustainment Command, (E) Eighth United States Army, Taegu, Republic of
Korea - Chief, Command Food Service Operations Technician and Advisor

Jul/2000 to Mar/2004
United States Army Quartermaster Center and School, Fort Lee, VA 23801, Army Center of Excellence, Subsistence,
Culinary Skills Training Division - Chief, Craft Skills Training Branch

Jul/1996 to Jul/2000
10th Division Artillery, 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, NY 13601- Chief, Food Service Operations

Dec/1994 to Jun/1996
Headquarters 25th Infantry Division (Light Infantry), Schofield Barracks, HI 96857 - Advanced Culinary Skills Instructor

Feb/1993 to Nov/1994
Headquarters Company 125th Signal Battalion, United States Army HI, 96857 - Food Operations Sergeant

Jan/1990 to Jan/1993
Headquarters Detachment, 6th Ordinance Battalion, Camp Ames, South Korea - Food Operations Sergeant

Photo on stage at the 2000 Olympics in Erfurt, Germany
receiving the world championship honors.  They were playing
the national anthem and our US Flag was being raised to the
ceiling of the ceremony hall.
Certified ProChef III
Certified ACF CEC
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Certified MC5